Community Summaries

Count Me In Too built on learning from the Count Me In research project in 2000 and other local research into the experiences of local LGBT people. The project invited all LGBT people in the city to take part in a survey. The project has worked with identity groups within the LGBT collective who are less frequently engaged by research studies and who may not feel part of 'LGBT Brighton'.

Data was gathered from LGBT people who live, work and socialise in Brighton & Hove. In 2006 819 people completed questionnaires and 69 people discussed issues in focus groups. These included LGBT people with shared identities, such as older people, young people, Black & Minority Ethnic people, parents, hate crime survivors, Deaf people.

Following the initial findings report published in June 2007 the project has produced 9 detailed reports with LGBT people and local service providers on a range of themes.

This series of community summaries provides a ‘taster’ of each additional themed analysis report and include recommendations on how to address issues and needs identified from the data.

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