Exhibitions & Engagement

Engagement Reports

Between 2007 and 2010 Count Me In Too was  involved in a variety of exhibitions, conferences and other engagement activities. The following reports detail some of these activities, where the research team focused on publicising and promoting the research findings to different audiences.


Impact and Testimonials

The groundbreaking research carried out by Count Me In Too has been used by a wide range of organisations, statutory services and community groups to promote positive social change for LGBT people in Brighton and Hove. Here are just a few examples how the findings of Count Me In Too have been helped to support such change.


As a result of Count Me In Too, the LGBT Domestic Violence Working Group got funding to recruit an LGBT development worker, and a GBT Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA). Both posts are hosted by RISE and employed by Broken Rainbow.

The LGBT development worker will produce an action plan to ensure domestic violence services are accessible and meet the needs of LGBT people, and that local LGBT services can respond effectively to domestic abuse. They will also develop an LGBT Domestic Violence training resource for all services.

‘The posts are quite ground breaking, and a really exciting opportunity for Brighton & Hove to begin providing specialist support for LGBT people experiencing DV.’


Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

‘As a result of the findings within Count Me In Too, the Trust has decided to respond proactively in reaching out to LGBT and T people to raise awareness of mental health issues. There is a desire to show key mental health routes and that we are listening to what local LGB and T people want and showing how we provide it by demonstrating our services are LGBT affirmative.’

Allsorts Youth Project

Count Me In Too is used in training for adults, to show that LGBT people (especially bi and trans people) in Brighton & Hove have additional needs and specific experiences.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Count Me In Too’s reports (particularly the Trans People, Bi People and Drugs & Alcohol reports) will inform the Trust’s internal Equality & Human Rights Impact Assessment.

Brighton & Hove NHS

A planned City Wide Trans Strategy brings together statutory bodies with members of the local trans community. Count Me In Too’s findings will contribute directly to the issues and services addressed.

Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust received funding from the Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust to employ British Sign Language interpreters for an HIV testing initiative targeting deaf or hard of hearing gay or bisexual men.

‘This would not have happened had it not been for the data captured by Count Me In Too.’


A new GP Access Officer will work with GP practices and local communities to identify barriers in accessing GP services.

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